Finals Week… Distractions?


Okay so it’s December 10, 2013 and I am sitting here in my schools library trying to “study”… I have an anatomy and physiology test tomorrow which I’m pretty sure I’m going to bomb. I mean, maybe I shouldn’t have skipped the class we learned about brains considering it’s my weakest topic. Anyways my mind is out of control because I am thinking of this guy.. Nick, who walked into my life and completely changed what I thought about everything. He has opened my mind more than he knows and will ever know. The things he does are just so amusing and attract me so much closer to him. He asked me yesterday what I would do if he were to leave yesterday and I just simply couldn’t answer the question.. Then he proceeded to say that he thought I was getting to clingy but truth is I don’t want to lose him. Something so good in my life.. It’s like you hold on to the things you love and maybe you hold on TOO TIGHT. I’m simply just scared of letting the only good thing happening in my life go because the attraction physically, mentally, and emotionally with Nick is far too strong for me to ever think about not having. Hopefully my significant other and I get closer this winter break when we aren’t at school and not stressing over these horrible finals. ❤️